About Us

Transforming our city and beyond by connecting people to



We believe that the congregation is best suited to do the work of God in this world.

Pastor Robert Gelinas


We Are committed to christ

God loves you and there’s nothing you can do about it! We are sold out in making this Good News accessible and relevant to everyone. We strive to reach an ever-increasing number of people to trust, worship, serve and proclaim Jesus as Savior, Lord and Friend.



We Are a loving community

God enters into relationships with His creation through covenant. We are intercultural and interdenominational; we honor and celebrate our God-given cultural and denominational differences in all areas of our ministry. “Community” is our middle name!



We Are convinced you are called

We will mobilize you to live as a missionary sent by God to seek His kingdom and fulfill your purpose. It takes the whole church to reach the whole city. That’s why we weave fabrics of friendship with other churches and ministries in our city.


•God loves you•

We Are confident that God loves you!

So we commit to helping you find a place where you can worship and glorify God with freedom and passion-whether that’s here or at another amazing church!