We cultivate and build lasting relationships with eleven villages along the Amazon River Basin in Peru and provide a transformational experience for team members.

We build intentional and lasting relationships with villagers of the Amazon basin with the goal of providing for some of their basic human needs and sharing the message of Jesus Christ. We primarily focus on the women in these villages by providing emotional support and activities for the children. We also train and equip local pastors and worship leaders and work to catalyze individual team member’s own personal transformation through teaching and seminars. On a larger scale, we work to develop connection and community between the villages through our annual “Rock the Rio” celebration.




  • Certain regions of Peru are experiencing increased drug trafficking, terrorism, and crime, making international travel there very uncertain and potentially dangerous.
  • Relief needed for hurting citizens who have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Pray that conditions will improve, making travel possible for our team so they may reconnect with our community partners near Iquitos, Peru.


  • We seek to provide needed relief to village families in need of food supplies.
  • Offering school supplies to students and schools.
  • Assist in increasing the transportation ability of local pastors and churches for fellowship and outreach.


  •  Share in our mission by joining our team as a volunteer for the next available trip.


  • Join us as a donor to support relief efforts and the activities of those serving in the field.


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If you do not have a passport yet, we encourage you to apply for one today. Offer it to God as a statement of faith. When God knows you are willing to cross an ocean for Him, He knows He can call on you to cross the street.


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