Mar 1, 2020

Discussion Questions

Sermon Sacrifice


WATCH:  Sacrifice Part: 1

      • DISCUSS:

        1. How do you prepare for Easter? 

        2. Do you plan to give anything up for Lent? If so, what are your motivations in doing so?

        3. What relationships are easy for you to sacrifice for? What relationships are more

          difficult to sacrifice for? 

        4. Have you been through a season of sacrifice? Did it draw you closer in your

          relationship with God?

        5. Are you delaying in something God has called you to give up? 

        6. Can you identify a “next right thing to do” in something God has called you to? If so,

          what is that step? 

        7. How do we keep the perspective that sacrifice is worship not a punishment?

        8. Do we trust that God will be/is faithful? Are you afraid to obey God’s call because it

          requires sacrifice? 

        9. How have you been blessed and/or inspired by another’s sacrifice? 


        As a group, pray…

        …that Lent will be a time of preparing for Easter.
        …that God will make it clear if there’s something we need to sacrifice to grow closer to God.
        …that God will help us to understand sacrifice as worship and for our good.

        In Groups of 2-3:Share one thing you need prayer for today – Take time to pray for one person at a time

        • –  Invite the Holy Spirit to guide your time

        • –  Listen to the Lord for guidance in how to pray for one another

          …and then pray….