(Ages 13-18 yrs old)


Every Friday night during Celebrate Recovery

6:45 – Worship
7:15 –  Teaching
8:15 – Share Groups


Colorado Community Church
14000 E Jewell Ave
Aurora, Colorado 80012

Questions? Contact Doni R

Let’s face it… LIFE CAN HURT, and students can get caught up in habits that are hard to break. If you or a teen you know are dealing with pain and it’s leading to depression, anger, eating disorders, bullying, cutting, addictions, abuse, pornography or drinking, then check out The Landing.

Small Group Discussions On:

Healing for life’s pain

Dealing with depression

Overcoming anger

Treating others with love and respect

Ending self-harm

Battling eating disorders… and winning!

Living free from addictions

(drugs, alcohol, sex, etc.)

The Landing Approach:

A 52-week study of the beatitudes where Jesus laid out how to live a full and joyful life

Designed to get teenagers talking about and exploring new ways of thinking and doing

A ministry of Celebrate Recovery based on the 8 Principles and the traditional 12 Steps to recover

Students participate and engage in the weekly teachings 100% of the time

The Landing is music, videos, and high octane discussions that get at the core truths about real life, and a real God