Worship Arts

Worship arts is a unique, servant-hearted ministry with a simple purpose:

Creating space for god and his people to meet

We accomplish this through many artistic expressions and productions, both within the church and throughout our local and global community



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Our Production Team supports and enhances the worship activities and so much more. This team provides the audio, video, lighting, and computing tools needed in order for our services and events to run smoothly and professionally. This team uses the latest software and hardware to run everything from projecting information to TVs and screens throughout the building to live-streaming services and events. They also provide our video recordings of Sunday services which are made available on the website. This team is crucial for the operation of worship services and much more.

Interested in joining the Production Team? Register for our Informational Event on February 11!


The Praise Team helps vocally lead our congregation in worship during our weekend services. Audition is required. If you are interested in joining the praise team, please contact Michelle.


We are blessed here at CCC with a strong and diverse network of professional musicians that serve inside and outside the church. Weekend worship is what most are familiar with, but the opportunities to serve go beyond the weekend too: special events, local and global outreach, mentoring, and more. 

Interested? Apply online!


We are continually exploring different ways and methods to present worship through the arts. We currently employ spoken word, hip hop, canvas painting, ASL interpretive worship, and creative video and visual productions. 

Do you have a unique artistic gift or want to join up with others? Apply online!

Worship Video Library

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we recorded services so our congregation could continue to worship online together.

These worship videos are a product of that time